Remember the reason for the season!

Happy Holidays! I can not believe it is already December!! This year has flown by! 2017 has been amazing, so I’m excited to see if 2018 can be any better!!

This time of the year is absolutely crazy for everyone! You are decorating, buying gifts, attending parties, and traveling for the holidays. Although I know that all of us are so fortunate for everything we have & every gift we receive, there are others who are not as lucky. So instead of writing a blog on the “perfect gift” or “top 20 items” I decided to share with you a few ways to give back during the holiday season. Below I have posted 5 ways to give back or help families in need.

1. Choose a child off the Angel Tree. This is my favorite way to help. This is sponsored by the Salvation Army. These trees are usually located at Walmart or Target. You can go online to to find out exactly where the trees are located. This is such an easy way to give back. On the angels, the kids have listed items they would like to have. It is such a great feeling knowing they are getting exactly what they have wished for.

2. Giving to the local shelter. During this time of the year, there is always a shortage on coats. Coats are expensive, and hard for people to buy. It is also a good reason to clean out your closet 😉 what is old to you, is brand new to someone else. Give away clothes, coats, and accessories such as hats and gloves that you do not wear anymore.

3. Contribute to “Toys for Tots”. This is such an easy way to give gifts to children. These boxes are located pretty much everywhere during the holidays. I know many boutiques in Charlotte offer a % off if you donate a toy! Any and every toy is accepted!

4. Donate to the animal shelter. Going to the animal shelter breaks my heart. I physically can not do it. But during the holidays, and any other time, animals are in need just as much as humans. Animal shelters are always accepting food & blankets for the animals. A huge bag of food can feed a lot of the dogs/cats there. I plan on taking food/blankets to the local shelter here, but it’s very hard for me. If I walk in, I will want to leave with all the dogs! Sadie will not like that 🙊

5. Donate to the seasonal bell ringers. This money that you donate will go to the Salvation Army to help families in need. The bell ringers are usually outside of grocery stores & department stores. Any amount of money will help. Also think of the bell ringers standing in the cold. Offer them a coffee or hot chocolate 😉

These are just a few of the many ways to give back during the holiday. There are plenty of ways to help others in need! Doing a good deed & helping others will always makes you feel better, I promise!

Next week, I plan on doing a Q&A blog!! Make sure to comment or send me questions you would like for me to answer! Anything including fashion, life, or Sadie would be great!! I hope everyone has a great week!!!

Also the winner of the Couture Planet wristlet is Lakelynn Keown!! Message me your address & I’ll send you the wristlet! You will love it & look fabulous carrying it!



A very very very busy weekend!

Hi! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving & found amazing Black Friday deals! Our Thanksgiving has changed within the past 2 years, since we no longer live in WV. Now with my brother Colt & I both living in Charlotte, we decided to do Thanksgiving in Charlotte this year. I­t­ was so nice having our family together, along with Madison, my brothers fiancé & my boyfriend Alex. My mom cooked for us, my dad brought soup from Myrtle Beach (that’s a funny story to tell), and we had dessert from Reid’s in Southpark. We spent the day eating, napping, and just hanging out as a family. Thursday night, the guys went to Dick’s to see the Black Friday deals, while the girls stayed behind and watched a movie.

Early Friday morning, Alex & I got up and caught the early flight to Houston where we spent the day with his brother & fiancé for their engagement party. Taylor is originally from Texas, so I­t­ was nice seeing her family & friends. The engagement party was absolutely GORGEOUS. I’ll post pictures. We spent Friday & Saturday in Houston, and flew home late Saturday night.

Then, Sunday morning I scheduled Alex & I holiday pictures. Not thinking how late we would get in, I scheduled them for Sunday morning at 8:30, oops! Let’s just say thank god for Photoshop, because we were exhausted. We took pictures at James Boyce park in Matthews, and they turned out sooo good! After our pictures, we came home and slept for hours.

He jokes and says I try to plan as much as I can into one weekend, and I’m starting to believe that is true!!

So since Christmas is approaching, I have decided to have a “giveaway gift” for everyone that reads my blog! I’m so thankful for my followers! The gift will be a handbag from Make sure to look them up! I saw the bags at a boutique in Charlotte & fell in love! To enter for the gift, like my Facebook/Instagram & leave a comment on my blog post or social media posts! The winner will be announced next Tuesday evening!!

Below are pictures from the engagement party & our holiday photos!

Hope everyone has an amazing week!



12 of my favorite Christmas gifts for under $200!

Happy Tuesday everyone! I’m sooo glad we have a short work week this week! I wish every week ended with a day full of eating & a day full of shopping! Wishful thinking! I am going to Houston to celebrate the engagement of one of my favorite couples & I cannot wait! They are so special to me! I haven’t seen them since July, so excited is an understatement!

I have decided to show you guys 12 of my favorite gifts for Christmas from Nordstrom. I am a huge Nordstrom lover because they have absolutely everything! They also have the best shoe sale 😉 They are having a sale right now, so go check it out! Some of the items I have listed are actually on sale right now, so make sure to check them out before they sale out, or the price goes back up!

1. Tory Burch “Miller” flip flops

These sandals have always been my favorite. Tory Burch always comes out with different colors each year. They are just a good everyday wear in the spring & summer. I always size a half size down because they stretch!

2. Kendra Scott Elisa Pendant Necklace

This necklace is the perfect gift or stocking stuffer! I have seen women of all ages wearing this. I love the sparkle/glitter ones because they are perfect for the holidays and New Year’s Eve! I have the black necklace & tend to wear I­t­ almost everyday. This necklace is also a great layering piece!

3. Hunter “gloss” rain boot

I love the short version of the Hunter rain boots! I think they are so cute. I feel like the tall rain boots are overrated because they have literally been around forever. They come in gloss and original. The short rain boots are great to wear with jeans or leggings!

4. Chanel “coco” perfume gift set

I got this perfume a few weeks ago and I am absolutely in love!! I­t­ smells sooo good! All you have to do is spray a little bit & I­t­ will last the whole day. I use to have a hard time finding a perfume that lasted all day. Nordstrom offers a lot of variety of gift sets with different perfumes so make sure to check them all out!

5. Bauble Bar Piñata tassel earrings

How cute are these?! They are great for Holiday parties! I love this color! They come in other varieties. Statement earrings can make an outfit & I feel like these are perfect! Tassel earrings have been in style for a long time and I’m so glad! They’re so cute!

6. UGG genuine slipper

OMG. I cannot express how much I love my ugg house-shoes. Everyone needs a pair. If you cannot decide on what to get someone for Christmas, get them these. I literally wear them all the time. As soon as I get home from work I put them on. I also wear them to run errands 🙊. They are so comfortable and warm!!

7. Fit Bit flex 2 small bangle

I have always had a love/hate relationship with fitbits. When I️ use to wear one, I️ hated the bracelet. I­ just thought I­t­ was ugly. Then Tory Burch came out with one, but I­t­ was very thick and wide. I­t­ was to big for me. I love how small this bangle is. I­t­ is easy to stack with other bracelets. You honestly won’t even realize it’s different from your normal bracelets!

8. American Atelier wine glasses

How cute are these! These are the perfect gifts for a wine lover! I believe you can never have to many wine glasses! I love the detail on the bottom. Even if you aren’t a huge wine drinker, they can be used for beer or mixed drink!

9. UGG dream faux fur throw

Omg. I bought one of these a few weeks ago for myself, and Sadie has not got off of I­t­ since I got I­t­. She sleeps on I­t­, naps on I­t­, and is constantly laying on I­t­. I­t­ is so comfortable and cozy. I­t­ is perfect for cold nights. Bed bath and beyond has them for a little cheaper so make sure to check I­t­ out. The only downfall, is I­t­ is dry clean only. Sadie will go crazy when she realizes I­t­ will be gone for a few days! Haha

10. Nars lip color gloss

How pretty is this pink color? I love I­t­. I usually stay away from bright lip colors, but I think I’m going to try this. Nars has a great makeup line & tons of lip gloss so make sure to check them all out.

11. Nike Roshe two knit Sneaker

I love the color of these shoes! I love how tennis shoes are starting to become more stylish. I think these are perfect for the gym, but they will also look cute with jeans, or a casual t shirt dress and jean jacket.

12. Vince Camuto Destilly 2 bootie

I have been looking everywhere for a pair of booties like this! I love snakeskin! I­t­ is such a fun print and easy to pair with everything. These will go perfect with black jeans and a solid top with a fur vest! Perfect casual holiday outfit! Also make sure to check out all Vince Camuto shoes! They have really cute stuff & have great prices.

I hope this helps with your Christmas shopping & buying for that one person that has absolutely everything!! I am so excited to start Christmas shopping! I­t­ gives me a reason to go to the mall 😉

This weekend we have family Christmas photos! I am so excited and can not wait to share pictures with everyone!

Happy Thanksgiving & goodluck Black Friday shopping!!



The life of Court & Sadie

Hi! Im Courtney and Sadie is my bulldog. I decided to name my lifestyle blog, “The life of Court & Sadie”, because she has been with me through everything I have accomplished so far in life. I wanted to start a blog to share my journey, outfits, and just everyday life.

My journey in fashion started straight out of high school. I moved to Radford, VA and got a BS degree. I majored in fashion merchandising with a minor in marketing from Radford University. After I graduated I moved back home to West Virginia. I lived there for the summer, and decided to go back to school that fall to finish my marketing minor. The day before classes started, I decided I couldn’t live in WV any longer. Soo I started looking for places to rent in Charlotte. I moved to Charlotte a month later. I moved here without a job and not knowing anyone my age..very brave. I found a job at a boutique and started working a week after I moved. Everything happened so fast. I worked at the boutique for a year and fell more in love for fashion. After that year, I decided to apply at Belk, and started working in their corporate office. I am currently working at Belk Corporate as a Web Content Administrator. Throughout my first year in Charlotte I have met many many amazing people. I am so thankful I made the decision to move.

I have big plans for 2018 and cannot wait to tell you ladies all about them! But for now, I hope you enjoy reading about my journeys, fashion, and everyday life!!